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UK Property Technology Companies: Infographic

POSTED BY   Michele Baker
March 22, 2017

The number of UK property technology companies emerging within the industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. We wanted to plot them all in one place and allow you to then use the resulting infographic on your own sites – embed code underneath

With innovative new PropTech technology startup companies rising up through the ranks, many through accelerator programmes, such as PiLabs, it’s becoming increasingly hard – even for those of us fully immersed in the PropTech sector – to keep tabs on them all. Well, I’ve decided it’s high time we all had a thorough map of all the UK property technology companies at work. I was keen to detail each PropTech company’s ‘specialist subject’, as it were, and separating those in the Commercial sector from the Residential, as well as those operating across both spaces.

As part of my ongoing quest to nail down all PropTech companies currently working in the industry, along with my fabulous designers, we’ve begun work on a map of the PropTech companies ‘ecosystem’, as it stands at present. The first draft is here and ready in its current incarnation, and we thoroughly expect to be updating it regularly, as new developments, and key UK Property Technology companies make their presence known on the scene.


PropTech Map UK

We’ll be consistently updating this infographic as the PropTech industry continues to grow, so if you know of any up-and-coming UK property technology companies for us to include, please do drop me an email or fill out the form below: 

I’ve included the infographic in two forms, both as a map, and as a handy table, to give you the freedom to pick which format works best for you. Of course, you’re more than welcome to share these infographics on your own site, and I’ve included the code below. Just don’t forget, please, to assign credit accordingly!
Please include attribution to with this graphic.

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