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The Sunday PropTech Review; 9th April 2017

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April 8, 2017

Sunday, 9th April 2017

Hey James,

Running your own business is not easy at times and this week has been challenging. Having said that, as many of you will know being in a similar situation as I, those challenges make you a better business owner.

Anyway, I am sitting here, reading through articles, watching the Masters and getting on with it all. Nothing like the relaxation of watching a bit of golf to pull you through (if only I could play it as well as I watch it!).

Sunday PropTech Review

So, before I dash off to our now weekly rugby practice, I have pulled together a few great articles to work through. As ever there is more to get through in my last post (there are 5 pages worth of PropTech articles in there for you). Hoping to catch up with you soon.

Whilst this Podcast gives you some of the story behind the UK’s largest PropTech event, this is also a Podcast about the latest news and views in PropTech. Some interesting points made about the latest EasyProperty company results and another huge raise of funds by a PropTech firm.

PropTech Podcast

1. This week’s most shared article: Sweden’s blockchain-powered land registry is inching towards reality Talk of the town this week, Sweden are again proving themselves to be way ahead of the game in the adoption of tech. This time, they’ve taken a giant leap towards fully Blockchain-ing their Land Registry.

2. PropTech startup Built-ID lands £1.1m

Let’s kick things off with some more PropTech investment news…

Previously known as IndustryHub, Built-ID allows one to identify the project teams behind properties and to showcase their projects to potential clients, investors and partners by simply holding up their smartphone to a building. PiLabs are included on the investor list, and Savannah de Savary, CEO and founder, sounded confident as she said ‘(our) member base continues to grow at an exponential rate ahead of our hard launch next month.’

3. Featured Article – Take part in first formal PropTech research

Some interesting results from last week apparently so for those of you that haven’t taken part yet, please fill out this survey.

FTI Consulting in partnership with Future: Proptech are launching the first piece of formal research into the UK PropTech sector & it’s impact on the wider real estate market. We would like to invite you to take part.

The questionnaire won’t take up much of your time, c. 5-7 mins. Your responses will remain anonymous.

The research will be looking at the innovation coming into the traditional property industry, it’s value, sentiment and the views of the market. To take part please click this link The results will be revealed on stage at the event, with further insights provided by a panel of industry experts.

4. The Birth Of A Blockchain: From Ripples To Making ‘Crypto’ Waves

For those who believe most in the power of Blockchain, 2017 was penned as the year it goes mainstream. This great article examines that claim in depth, explaining exactly what cryptocurrency is and how it can help. The article then goes on to introduce us to, so called ‘Wave platforms’, which many people say is the future of…well, everything. We’ll see.

5. Analysing Goodlord’s website; does it say what it needs to?

This is a fascinating article from James Abayomi Ojo. It’s essentially an exercise in analysis.

James takes us through the Goodlord website, step by step, in order to identify whether if effectively communicates their desired message to their target audience. Anybody currently working on website copy or marketing language should definitely take a look at this.

6. Featured Article – WEBINAR: Transforming Real Estate Branch & Office IT

In this webinar hosted by Zynstra, they will recap some of the highlights discussed in a recent lunch seminar, where I presented as guest speaker on all the latest innovations in the PropTech sector.

The webinar content will look at how new approaches in Real Estate IT can enable growth & efficiency, and how adopting Cloud Managed Servers can alleviate many issues faced in dealing with a large, dispersed IT estate.

7. Proptech and agents: rise of the machines

The word used to describe Hubble Co-Founder, Tushar Agarwal, in this article is ‘bullish’. They use the adjective three or four times.

But they’re not wrong; Agarwal’s words in this interview don’t leave much room for misinterpretation: He says, bullishly, “Our ambition is to be the Savills of the future…”

8. Greek PropTech startup Blueground raises €5.5 million

Greek PropTech startup, Blueground, has raised €5.5 million from a group of investors, including VentureFriends and the American fund Endeavor Catalyst. ‘Blueground offers fully furnished and equipped apartments to company managers, ambassadors, and representatives of other organisations who are visiting Athens, Istanbul, or Dubai for a medium or long term stay.’

9. All my recommended PropTech reads of the week.

As always, I like to list all the articles I have been looking at and reading through this week so here is a complete list in case you want more. Hope you enjoy them…..

Have a great Sunday, I’m off to take a 6yr old rugby training. Never hesitate to contact me if you want to ask anything.

Chat soon. James

As always a round up of the very latest PropTech events that could be attending in the future – if you are running any or see one that is missing, please do fill out this form

1. 19th April – The PropTech Den – an investment and pitch event run by Estate Agents Networking UK. This event will be all about mini pitches and so the quick fire format could be interesting if you like the Resi side of the business.

2. 26th AprilWake Up to Blockchain’s Potential – a fantastic panel session held in London. It will no doubt include some Bacon Butties and much needed coffee as hosted by Datshca – well worth attending. Sadly I can’t be there but would have love to have been.

3. 27th April – Construction and Real Estate Tech Event – as I had hoped, there is a lot more movement in this sector at the minute. This will be an interesting event to attend given the themes at play (and the pitch event)

4. 28th – 29th April – Property Investor Show if you are looking to attract property investors, developers or Landlords then this could be a good show to attend. They have both a B2C and B2B audience that could be interesting whether as an exhibitor or as an attendee.

5. 3rd May – SPD Insights; IOT event – SPD always host great events and this one looking at the art and science of our buildings will be a good one to be a fly on the wall at.

6. 3rd May – Conscious Cities – for the more cerebral among you who want to be tested, I must recommend this event. A look at architecture and neuroscience. Not directly PropTech at all but just a really interesting event to attend, listen to, absorb and learn from.

7. 4th May – Future : PropTech – expect between 600-800 people at this event and probably the largest event of its kind here in the UK dedicated to all sides of PropTech. Worth attending for networking as well as education.

8. 10th May – PropTech; The Players and Disruptors. University of Oxford’s Professor Andrew Baum explores why and how expert investors plough billions of pounds into innovations that are changing the way real estate is traded, used and operated. There will be a central presentation and then a panel discussion around the topic. Well worth attending.

9. 11th MayPropteq – No longer on the same day so well worth popping along to for more of a discussion based event.

10. 7th June – SPD Insights; Bricks and Clicks – Another SPD Insights event for you. This time looking at how AR and VR are impacting the sector. 11. 20th June – ULI Tech Conference – Connectivity and digitisation of our cities could see the most rapid impact to urban realm since the industrial revolution with far reaching implications for business and wider society. This conference will explore how emerging technology is influencing our urban environment and take a deep dive into the near future, to understand how digital technology can create the best outcomes for the greatest number of people and deliver resilient cities

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