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Sunday PropTech Review; 8th October 2017

POSTED BY   james
October 8, 2017

So it has been an interesting week culminating in two great conferences. Firstly, the first Nordic PropTech Conference (and the first PropTech conference, to my knowledge to be live streamed which was really impressive) and then the ever present Property Investor Show in London’s Excel – great to see some familiar faces.

Argentina was a great success and you can here some of our thoughts on our South America Podcast Special (15mins of – not too much – Malbec and musings) but it is all happening next week.

  • Who is going to MIPIM PropTech in New York? Drop me a message, let me know where you are and lets grab a coffee or beer. Really exciting to hear how the MIPIM and MetaProp teams get along with this first event – it all sounds really exciting. Some key points for you: 40 reasons to attend – an old post but lays it all out
  • PropTech finalists announced – the top innovator, association and many others to be decided. I am joined by an esteemed list of judges to help here. Looking forward to it.
  • MIPIM Start Up competition. We have whittled them down to just 9. This should be a great pitch situation with some Brits included as well. Best of luck all.

IBREA Conference – we all know Blockchain is getting larger and larger. This is on the Tuesday as part of the week programme. Sold out but worth blagging on the door! Like I said, if you are out there, let me know, lets meet up if we can squeeze it all in!

One tip, don’t have a few glasses of wine and then try to pronounce Mexico. Eddie and I took the podcast on the road. This is a special 15mins of us talking PropTech in Latin America – and talking cows and grapes in the process. Hopefully an interesting insight into the region and what it is doing.

Next is one we recorded just before we went away to South America and were looking at the impact of artificial intelligence in real estate – particularly property management. Tom from AskPorter joined us to discuss exactly what they are up to.


1. This week’s most shared article: Venture capitalists are betting big on real estate tech The most shared article this week is a very short one, but also a very promising one. It points back to the ‘dry’ age of PropTech, 2009-2012, and moves forward to 2017, a year where investment should once again reach over $1 billion.

It’s a US based article hence the figures and the original article is here (this Business Insider piece is pretty terrible really!) but it is the most shared so it makes it in….

2. Article of the Week: What is the future of the Lettings Industry?

An interesting downloadable ebook by the well respected FixFlo about the future of the industry. It is all about the opinions and how a company like FixFlo will compete, especially as the developed world gets more and more used to renting rather than buying. Some quality contributors here (and one terrible one – will let you guess which one!), produce this great little information packet for you.

3.‘Our minds can be hijacked’: the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia

As this wonderful article states; ‘Rosenstein belongs to a small but growing band of Silicon Valley heretics who complain about the rise of the so-called “attention economy”: an internet shaped around the demands of an advertising economy.’ This is a great read; a fascinating insight into the work going in Silicon Valley to try and halt the hijacking of the human mind, people ‘touch, swipe or tap their phone 2,617 times a day’, according to the article, this is about how a certain few are trying to combat that.

4. Blockchain – who are the key players?

Blockchain is rapidly growing in PropTech, but with so many companies doing such slightly different things, how do you know who’s who? Here’s my attempt to explain the roles and goals of a handful of property’s blockchain up and comers. Further to this little piece I had done, perhaps a more relevant piece for those looking at the near future around data and GDPR (are you ready? If not, get started and read this), is a piece around the use of Blockchain, or rather smart ledgers, can helping you control your own data. Worth a read through

5. Why Toronto could be the smart city HQ for Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs

Having already announced plans for a 12-acre Smarty City built on Toronto’s downtown, Google has now announced a new sister company, Sidewalks Lab, to focus specifically on the research and introduction of smart cities.

Once again, Toronto is in their sights as they plan to trial the new company within the development of the city’s waterfront area.
Alongside this article, you may be interested in an infographic that has been put together by JLL looking at Smart Cities of the future, which is well worth a little look through

6. Scotland: Building an Internet of Things nation for all

The Scottish Government has made a strategic commitment to rollout national IoT coverage as part of its 2017-18 Programme for Government. This article tells us how Scottish startups are hoping to take advantage of the government’s forward thinking, and explains why Scotland needs IoT so badly.

7. EU GDPR: The Low-Down & What It Means For Your Business

No matter what the industry, modern business is data driven. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was announced in May 2016 and is soon to come into effect. It is an attempt to realign the laws around data sharing and personal information online to better serve the needs of the 21st Century. As this article examines, 97% of companies have absolutely no plan in place for when it kicks in, many don’t even know what the new regulations are. This article tells us all.

8. How to prepare for future disruption in real estate

You might be bored of me going on and on about the need for more collaboration in PropTech, but I’m not going to stop. And here’s another great article, this time from Wiredscore, on why the concept is so vital to the industry’s future success. It’s an article that also pays focus to another important idea; PropTech should aim to facilitate, not simply disrupt.

Right…….i’m off. See you in New York hopefully.

I’m talking at a bunch of conferences and gatherings around Europe; I hope to see some of you out there. Here’s a complete list of global events this Autumn. James

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