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Sunday PropTech Review; 4th March 2018

POSTED BY   james
March 4, 2018

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Really interesting week this week, and an enjoyable event on Wednesday, at the launch of a report by FTI Consulting for Osborne Clarke which was looking at whether we were ready for the 2020’s. Interesting reading till you got to the detail of the data analysis – 550 IT experts. I am waiting for more detail so will reserve complete judgement on the outcome till then but if they are just general tech experts, how are they are going to know terminology like “occupiers” and how logistics will be impacted. I am concerned but still, the report is interesting and well put together.

Lastly, before I get into the news for the week, you will notice that I have included some banner adverts on the mail. My thanks to Future : PropTechGuest ReadyGlobal App Testing and Formulate for their support as I look to grow this out and enabling me to do this.

WiredScore & Tom Redmayne

Eddie and I catch up with Tom Redmayne to hear more about WiredScore’s journey and plan. Interesting given their recent push to expand into Scotland. It seems there is a scattergun approach to their expansion plans but this Podcast explains it all.

Be bold, brave the snow and get zen

Listen to Caleb Parker, chat with EG’s Deputy Editor, Samantha McClary, about Space-as-a-Service, lessons the commercial real estate industry can learn from hospitality and how ‘eye-twitchingly good’ Bold coffee is.

Wes Snow Ascendix Technologies. (Video)

15 minute chat between Duke and Wes from Ascendix Technologies as they walk through the companies new Tool, Composer, the tool to generate CRE reports right from your CRM.

Most Shared: How Are Fintech And Proptech Changing The Real Estate Industry In 2018?

Most shared this week comes from Forbes, where 10 members of Forbes Real Estate Council share their own views on how FinTech and PropTech developments are altering the way the property operates.


Topics include: Endless Implications And Possibilities; Ability To Reach New Investors Online; Data Analysis To Drive Investment Decisions; and A More Accessible Real Estate Market.

Tenants Demand Technology from Real Estate Industry Still Using Spreadsheets

This article feeds off a recent report which suggests there is a vast gap between expectations of commercial tenants and how the commercial property industry actually operates.

MRI Software carried out the research, part of which tells us which tech solutions tenants consider most important. Almost unanimously, digital services like digital payments and electronic billing and broadband internet, were seen as the most valued tools.

One of the most important findings in this survey was that 42% of commercial real estate companies still rely on spreadsheets, something that their tenants find far from impressive.

The ultimate takeaway? Tenants are crazy for the WeWork business model with proximity to public transportation, flex leasing, and kitchen facilities among the most in-demand factors.

PropTech Figure of the Week:

555 “IT experts” were interviewed for a report by Osbourne Clarke – interesting stats but I have huge reservations on the data pool

See report here. Ask yourself whether IT experts understand the terminology

Influencer Quote of the Week:

“Banks are changing their mentality about the real estate sector,”

José Luis Arizaga, head of the global program BBVA Home Experience. Read this article. Please read it.

Global tech firms are reshaping Latin America’s startup environment

Latin America is fast becoming a hotbed for tech investment with many Silicon Valley investors taking large steps into a new, emerging market. Investments into areas such as FinTech and PropTech are higher than ever, and the region is also a key growth area for companies like Amazon, Netflix and Spotify.

Drones for real-time inspections

This video demonstrates how drones can be used to inspect entire physical structures from above and identify problem areas, highlighting the issue and potential remedies.


Property tech is the hot new way to get Generation Rent moving

I’m always fascinated to see what the mainstream media think about PropTech, and it’s lists like this that work hard to reveal those brands and solutions which are breaking out of PropTech niche to become, maybe, household names.

This time the focus is on the rental sector. Did your company make the list? (P.S I appreciate that Homie are heavily involved in composing this article, but it’s interesting none-the-less.

We Are Launching The Global PropTech Challenge

Duke Long has issued a global PropTech challenge…are you going to take it on?

You just might win a share of $200,000 in cash prizes.

UKPA Awards – Recognising the success & wider impact of businesses and individuals in the PropTech & Property industries.

The UK PropTech Association will host its inaugural awards ceremony on 2nd May, 2018.

As a representative of the UKPA, I am really proud of the way in which these awards have been set out. Gone are the usual, Best Agent, Best Firm etc, and in their place we have awards for Diversity Advocate. Most Collaborative Business, and Greatest Social Impact.

I think theses categroies alone show how far property has come in the past years, and I hope that they go a ways to recognising the vital work that so many are doing not only to improve PropTech, but to find ways of using PropTech to help improve the world around us.

Nominations are now open. To Nominate yourself/business for an award, please complete the online form here.

Short ones:

PropTech Events This Week:

That’s all for now, folks…

Have a great Sunday.


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