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Sunday PropTech Review; 3rd September 2017

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September 2, 2017

Hoping you all had an amazing week – I felt the first chill in the air so Autumn is most definitely on the way.

Being one to always try to look forward, I visited our Science museum this week to see a special feature on Robotics. A fascinating exhibition about their use in society to date which really makes you question their use in the future – check out this little video of a robot used with children who have autism. Strange but effective. Otherwise, look out for my release of the PropTech Conferences to attend this Autumn on Tuesday – if you have any you want to add please e-mail me (I will never get all of them so help always appreciated)

1. This week’s most shared article: The eight startups joining MetaProp NYC’s real estate accelerator Co-founder Aaron Block stated “our incoming accelerator cohort is indicative of the increasingly fast global growth and demand for technology solutions across the real estate value chain“. This is no surprise when they cross sectors like green buildings, apartment entry and parking and come from as far afield as Singapore.

I am a mentor for PiLabs and am always interested to see how both MetaProp and PiLabs pick their latest group of companies. This time Metaprop, as with PiLabs, seem to be going for very niche and ancillary companies. Another interesting bunch here.

It is interesting therefore to link this to a LandSec post this week that is telling how property investors should be investing. Think less about the property they suggest, and more about the people.

Looks like PiLabs and MetaProp are one step ahead.

2. UK Online agent, Yopa raises over £27 million to fund further expansion

Huge news that broke just as I was going out with the family on Friday night following on the footsteps of a small raise from eMoov just 10 days previously.

It is an interesting move by LSL, who have invested £20 million, showing they are really pushing forward to further diversify their existing businesses. I suspect this will mean an IPO will not be too far off from Yopa, similar to what Purplebricks have done previously. Lets see.

I suggest it also further strengthens my recent thoughts on the consolidation of the sector – stating that it is really only about those three now.

3. How the strength of PropTech is on a serious HypeCycle at the minute…..

No article to link to here but I thought you may be interested to see how the term PropTech is really ramping up online. This is its growth in online traffic in the last 5yrs. I am writing a piece (eventually) on “What is PropTech and how does it fit into a wider discussion of Digital Transformation in real estate?” and I was looking at its growth. Pretty interesting as you will see from this Google Trends graph below:

4. Featured Post – How Live Chat is changing websites – CASE STUDY| – 75% increase in leads in two months reported.

Live chat technology has turned out to be an invaluable asset for businesses across all industries, particularly for real estate. Property decisions can be tricky, and that’s where people prefer personal communication to take this important step. A state-of-the-art live chat service has the power to increase web based leads significantly in comparatively less time. A recent case study can be read here showing a 75% increase in leads generated over a two month time period

5. Two mobile applications that are making great strides

It has been a relatively quiet week for good stories out there so I wanted to reference a story written a while back looking at two mobile applications I have been told about that seem to be doing rather well at the minute. Mobile is the future of real estate for sure. Viewing them remotely and then transactional processes. These guys are on to a winner, and over 5,500 page views this has been a hot story.

6. Big Data, Blockchain, ICOs, AI – this interview has it all

Two interviews for you here which I hope are of interest this Sunday morning.

Firstly, one that covers pretty much all property tech from a “Real Estate Technology veteran” which is a/ pretty long, b/ pretty effusive about the interviewee (but they he set up the company but c/ is pretty interesting. Read it.

Secondly, one that one of my content writers did on a new company here in the UK that is set to revolutionise the real estate sector if it can pull it all off. It is also a/ pretty long, b/ pretty effusive about the interviewee but / is pretty interesting.

Not many things tick my proptech boxes at the minute but blockchain, ICOs, treating real estate as a transaction all do and these guys have big plans to combine all three. Lets see what happens.

7. The challenges of Co-working in the Built Environment

  1. A huge growth area as many of you will know from recent articles of mine in this review (check out the facts and figures here if you are interested) but here, in a RICS guest post, the challenges are broken down into three areas: 1. Space Design
  2. Confidentiality and intellectual property

3.The ‘hard copy’ nature of the built environment sector
The article then looks at ways this can be solved which is equally interesting to work through.

8. All my recommended PropTech reads of the week.

As always, I like to list all the articles I have been looking at and reading through this week so here is a complete list in case you want more. Hope you enjoy them…..

Don’t forget to tell me if there are any conferences I should be covering for Tuesday. There could be quite a few to work through…….

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