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The Sunday PropTech Review – 2nd April 2017

POSTED BY   james
April 2, 2017

Sunday, 2nd April 2017

For me it was toothpaste inserted as a filling into Oreo biscuits, (see my instagram reaction here), I hope you got away more lightly with an #AprilFool!

It has been an interesting week, more and more conferences are hitting my horizon so look to an extended Events section at the bottom of this e-mail. Looks to be some really interesting ones in there for you to look through. Please pay particular attention to one of the featured posts this week though as Gary of Future : PropTech looks to run a survey on the PropTech sector. Should be some interesting results to come out of that.

1. The most socially shared article of the week I recently wrote an article about 6 PropTech firms to look out for – it had a very UK feel about it but some good ones in there. However, this weeks most shared article on social media was looking at another 6 PropTech firms but this time from a more US orientation. Two good articles there for you.

2. Easy Property discolose £11 million loss…….

Just a week after a ringing endorsement of the technology behind the emoov business model, Easy Property announce an £11 million loss. Wow.

Turnover of just £875,000 was reported with a quote by Rob Ellice stating “at this stage of their lifecycle it is generating start-up losses as it uses working capital to develop the business.” I have always said I love online and hybrid business models but they have to look at their long term plans and pricing. Neither they nor their high street counterparts have it right yet.

3. Featured Article – Take part in first formal PropTech research

FTI Consulting in partnership with Future: Proptech are launching the first piece of formal research into the UK PropTech sector & it’s impact on the wider real estate market. We would like to invite you to take part.

The questionnaire won’t take up much of your time, c. 5-7 mins. Your responses will remain anonymous.

The research will be looking at the innovation coming into the traditional property industry, it’s value, sentiment and the views of the market. To take part please click this link The results will be revealed on stage at the event, with further insights provided by a panel of industry experts.

4. Google Hangout on the Future of the Workplace.

I am a big lover of Google Hangouts – I used to present my own Marketing Show some years back – but this is a great one to listen to from Fujitsu. The message being; Get Your Business Ready. There is a useful summation blog post as well if you don’t want to spend 20+ minutes this Sunday morning on digesting what they are saying.

Article of the week – It’s all about the forks.

Once you get past all of that BS, you get the nerds who want to sit and talk about forks being forks and other forks that won’t be forks. Don’t understand that? That’s ok; you don’t need to.”

I love the opening to this article about Blockchain from Duke Long. He states it is the only article you need to read about the topic which, whilst I can’t agree on that assertion, it does give a common sense approach to the topic and hence worth reading.

I am bringing together a group interested in Blockchain applications in the UK (nearly 100 so far). If you want to join and have a meet up click here

6. Understanding Millenials and their demands for property

With over half the workforce due to be Millenials by 2020, building owners need to know how to deal with the attitudes and personalities of the demographic. Whilst this is 6 ways to better manage millenial tenant relationships for the CRE sector, you can also read this from a Resi perspective and learn something.

7. The Pinterest of Real Estate?

Being a marketer, I have a tendancy to look to design and the “UX” of platforms, therefore I feel I need to include this piece. It again has a a commercial bias – seems to be happening a lot in this review but there you go – but this is definitely not unique to the sector. Compass have been testing behind closed doors on how to work collaboratively on property viewing decisions – love the way they have done this. Well done to the team there.

8. Featured Article – WEBINAR: Transforming Real Estate Branch & Office IT

In this webinar hosted by Zynstra, they will recap some of the highlights discussed in a recent lunch seminar, where I presented as guest speaker on all the latest innovations in the PropTech sector.

The webinar content will look at how new approaches in Real Estate IT can enable growth & efficiency, and how adopting Cloud Managed Servers can alleviate many issues faced in dealing with a large, dispersed IT estate. Register to watch here

9. All my recommended PropTech reads of the week.

As always, I like to list all the articles I have been looking at and reading through this week so here is a complete list in case you want more. Hope you enjoy them…..

Have a great Sunday, I’m off to take a 6yr old rugby training. Never hesitate to contact me if you want to ask anything.

Chat soon. James

As always a round up of the very latest PropTech events that could be attending in the future – if you are running any or see one that is missing, please do fill out this form

1. 19th April – The PropTech Den – an investment and pitch event run by Estate Agents Networking UK. This event will be all about mini pitches and so the quick fire format could be interesting if you like the Resi side of the business.

2. 26th AprilWake Up to Blockchain’s Potential – a fantastic panel session held in London. It will no doubt include some Bacon Butties and much needed coffee as hosted by Datshca – well worth attending. Sadly I can’t be there but would have love to have been.

3. 27th April – Construction and Real Estate Tech Event – as I had hoped, there is a lot more movement in this sector at the minute. This will be an interesting event to attend given the themes at play (and the pitch event)

4. 28th – 29th April – Property Investor Show if you are looking to attract property investors, developers or Landlords then this could be a good show to attend. They have both a B2C and B2B audience that could be interesting whether as an exhibitor or as an attendee.

5. 3rd May – SPD Insights; IOT event – SPD always host great events and this one looking at the art and science of our buildings will be a good one to be a fly on the wall at.

6. 3rd May – Conscious Cities – for the more cerebral among you who want to be tested, I must recommend this event. A look at architecture and neuroscience. Not directly PropTech at all but just a really interesting event to attend, listen to, absorb and learn from.

7. 4th May – Future : PropTech – expect between 600-800 people at this event and probably the largest event of its kind here in the UK dedicated to all sides of PropTech. Worth attending for networking as well as education.

8. 10th May – PropTech; The Players and Disruptors. University of Oxford’s Professor Andrew Baum explores why and how expert investors plough billions of pounds into innovations that are changing the way real estate is traded, used and operated. There will be a central presentation and then a panel discussion around the topic. Well worth attending.

9. 11th MayPropteq – No longer on the same day so well worth popping along to for more of a discussion based event.10. 7th June – SPD Insights; Bricks and Clicks – Another SPD Insights event for you. This time looking at how AR and VR are impacting the sector.

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