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Sunday PropTech Review; 29th October 2017

POSTED BY   james
October 29, 2017

An amazing week, with some great content around. Probably one of the busiest weeks for stuff to get through so I hope you enjoy it. Some quick links for you though:

1. 600 postcodes analysed but rose to my challenge last week to find out the best places in the UK for trick or treating…..well done them.

2. Have you voted for your PropTech influencer yet? We will be judging shortly.

3. Who owns PropTech? Views needed by Eddie Holmes, Chairman of the UKPA Lets get on with the news…..

1. This week’s most shared article: Home-buying to be ‘faster and less stressful’ following review

Home-buying and selling in England and Wales could be “faster and less stressful” under plans to simplify sales and tackle gazumping. Communities Secretary Sajid Javid says he wants to “hear from the industry” on how to streamline home-buying. Labour, however, consider the plans “feeble” and that they “smack of political diversion”. Essentially, the housing crises we have in the UK needs fixing, and the Tories think streamlining house buying, eliminating the chances of events like gazumping, is the answer. Labour says the plans don’t go nearly far enough, labelling the government as ‘out of touch and out of ideas’, saying that just considering things like lock-in agreements barely address the issue.

2. The best UK cities for Trick or Treating 2017

First and foremost, I couldn’t be happier to bring you this.

In last week’s review, I put out a challenge for someone to create a list of the UK’s best trick or treat cities, much as Zillow recently did for the U.S.

Well, I think we should give huge respect to the guys at Houseprice.AI who, would you believe it, have actually gone and done it, and done so wholeheartedly and brilliantly. I think you’ll be surprised to see which city makes the top of the list, measured by what they’ve labelled the Trick or Treat Index. Thank you, Houseprice.AI

3. Building Googletown

…there is an inverse relationship between your capacity to innovate and the actual existence of people and buildings.

So says Sidewalk Labs CEO, Dan Doctoroff, the leader of the Alphabet owned company tasked with building the Google City in Toronto. This article thoroughly examines the idea that, even when it comes to building a Smart City ‘from the internet up’, the physical truth of a landscape is far more important than the clever tech innovations you’re planning to include.

I expect very little of the value we create is about information,” says Sidewalk’s Head of Urban Systems”, acknowledging that the value of the built environment remains firmly in the bricks and mortar; it’s ability to effectively work as a space to live and work in. Tech is not a replacement, it’s an addition designed to galvanized, and even those at the forefront of technology know better than to push it too far too quickly.

4. Preparing for our prefab future

Keeping with the smart city theme, he’s an analysis of what we in the West need to be learning from the Japanese. Prefabricated houses, the same that will be used to construct Google City, have long been commonplace in Japan. 1 in 6 new houses in Japan is built by about a dozen prefab manufacturing companies.

The Japanese have been forced to innovate at speed due to the fact that they build roughly the same amount of houses each year as the Americans do, on a piece of land slightly smaller than California. As such, there are more than a few things that we can learn from Japan and their steel framed modular structures. A fascinating and very well written piece.

5. Here’s a robot speaking, just for fun


6. Uber introduces a credit card

Uber has partnered with Barclays to introduce its own credit card. By entering the FinTech market, Uber making a heavy-handed effort to take even more of our disposable incomes. And if you’re someone who gets a lot of cabs, eats out a lot, and flies a lot, there could be real benefits to this new credit card.

“The no-fee card offers a bonus of $100 after spending $500 on purchases within the first 90 days, and has other perks, like 4 percent back on restaurants, take-out and bar purchases; 3 percent back on airfare, hotels and Airbnb or other short-stay rentals; 2 percent back on online purchases; and 1 percent back on everything else.” One thing I’m particularly interested to see is what they’re planning to do with all that delicious new data they’re going to be getting from us, especially from a company that’s had data privacy issues in the past.

7. Duke Long’s Top 10 Most Influential Online Commercial Real Estate People 2017

So here it is, Duke’s definitive list. Yes, I’m on here (thanks Duke) but I’m just one among a list of people far more important than I.

Adam Stanley, CIO of Cushman, takes the number 1, and quite rightly, he’s an astonishingly accomplished man, and a great ambassador for PropTech, able to talk right into the ears of traditional property leaders. Can you guess which number I come in at?…

8. Evolution must now follow the Revolution

A concise meditation on the idea of intelligently dealing with the peaking interest in PropTech.

The argument is that PropTech has reached FinTech status of having completed an industry revolution and must now be levelheaded and forward-looking in order to secure a prosperous future. It aligns with a piece I wrote this week on how PropTech can avoid the predicted route of the Hype Cycle by masking astute, humble decisions moving forward.

9. Amazon service will let couriers open front doors

Amazon is launching a service that will let couriers open people’s front doors and put deliveries inside. The delivery driver scans the barcode or package and the smart lock opens to let them in the house.

Hagerstown, MD, USA – June 2, 2014: Image of an Amazon packages. Amazon is an online company and is the largest retailer in the world.

As the door opens, a special camera starts filming; the user can choose to watch the delivery happening live, or have a short video sent their way once the delivery is complete. It’s a fascinating idea, and not a totally crazy way of increasing delivery efficiency. But, one can’t help but feel that it will only take one publicised example of a crook bypassing the security for people to shut down their interest in the device.

10. Bloomberg Unveils New European Headquarters in the City of London

The world-renowned architect, Lord Foster, has designed the ‘world’s most sustainable office design’ for Bloomberg’s new European HQ in the City.

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, calls it a ‘shining example of what can be achieved by combining fantastic British architecture and the latest green technology to reduce our impact on the environment’, this is not only the greenest a building can be, but it’s also the largest new stone construction in London in over a century.

Right…..on that note, I will leave you to it as I have to go and have some Halloween fun…..

Catch up soon. James

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