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Sunday PropTech Review; 25th February 2018

POSTED BY   james
February 25, 2018

This review is a bit of a special one. I am getting a few things in order for GDPR as well as getting people ready for a daily review -launching 1st March and looking at 5 short updates from the previous 24hrs from around the world.

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PropTech Pocast – Tech Blue – Adam Blaxter & Vik Tara

Eddie and I hear about Tech Blue’s product suite and the future of voice recognition PropTech. An interesting perspective on how Alexa may help us in the future with rental payments as well as other things.

A new launch, AI and the random mention of a Helter Skelter…

Meet the man and the money behind AI-powered property management platform Askporter. Co-founder Tom Shive and Spire Ventures and Pi Labs founder Faisal Butt talk about the journey.

John Gessford President

What is a commercial real estate, online publisher? How important is it to put together the best possible marketing package? Can it be simple and seamless? Is it the most forward facing part of your brand? How does your current marketing package compare to your competition? All of this and so much more.

Construction Technology Part 3 – Joining the dots

Joining the dots between the last two-week’s podcast guests to bring together some of the trends, not only as the guests saw them, but also in the context of the wider market.

Most Shared: Online estate agency Home Made raises £850K seed at £4.3M post-money valuation

The most shared article this week is fundraising news from Home Made, adding to names like Rentify, Open Rent, and uPad in the UKs ever competitive online estate agency market.

Home Made, founded in 2016, claims to be “the only estate agency in the U.K. that offers a premium service akin to a high-end traditional estate agent“.

High-street agents offer average service and extortionate fees,” says Home Made, “while online agents offer low fees, but even worse service”. To address this issue, they claim to be changing the online model by using intelligent data analytics to increase efficiency…hmm, rings a bell, no?

I’m not one to shoot a company down before they’ve had the chance to prove their worth, and maybe Home Made really will end up changing the game, but one more name in the online agency game is pretty much the last thing we need right now. Already it’s a sector stuffed full of companies and therefore difficult to comprehend. This goes against the much needed process of consolidation that PropTech needs to go through.

Personally, I don’t see a whole lot of value if Home Made fails to differentiate itself from the rest.

‘We’re no longer a real estate firm’, says world’s largest real estate firm

This is a huge moment in the timeline of PropTech. Gary Keller, Co-Founder of Keller Williams, America’s largest real estate firm, announced to a room full of their agents that the firm is no longer a property company, stating that they are now “a technology firm No 1”.

The statement came during Keller’s launch of KW’s new AI driven virtual assistant, Kelle, itself an important event, and will, I expect, send waves through the industry. (See video below)

For one of the world’s largest firms to explicitly state that technology is the future of property should, once and for all, end the debate with those who still aren’t convinced. I doubt it will, but it should. You can read more thoughts from me about this here in my weekly column on EAT

KW will now give focus to collecting, analysing and actioning big data, all of which will be gathered directly from their agents and funnelled into one central system.

If this story doesn’t persuade other large firms to take similar actions, I’ll eat my own green trousers.

PropTech Figure of the Week:

“The payoff is real. Organisations with digital business agility are 3 times more likely to achieve above average financial performance”

PWC quote in latest Digital iQ Survey

Influencer Quote of the Week:

“Something that moves 20% [overnight] does not feel like a currency. It is a vehicle to perpetrate fraud.”

Lloyd Blankfein, Head of Goldman Sachs

PropTech startup, Homie, gets $4m to help Londoners find a rental

Homie helps renters by listening to their requirements, finding appropriate properties and then giving tours of those properties over a 2-hour period, where clients are ferried from one to the other via taxi.

An interesting blend of technology and people, but something which, for now, I think might appeal more to those who have a little cash to spend – a service of convenience rather than necessity.

Dubai to soon unveil first 3D-printed villa

In two months, Dubai will reveal its first 3D-printed villas. The project, announced by the Director-General of the Dubai Municipality, will see the villas used in a government housing programme.

Furthermore, according to Dubai’s 3D Printing Strategy, 25% of all buildings in Dubai will be 3D-printed by 2030.

The reductions in time and cost that 3D printing enables have the potential to provide a real, much overdue solution to the affordable housing crisis here in the UK. And for those who don’t think 3D-printing is capable of producing ‘proper’ buildings, you should take a look at these plans for the first 3D-printed skyscraper.

Exploring the future impact of tokenization, smart contracts, and blockchain on the CRE industry

In this interview, Hogan Lovells real estate partner, Lee Samuelson, discusses blockchain, smart contracts and tokenisation will change and shape property

It’s an in-depth interview which offers a lot of practical information on how blockchain et al will disrupt property. For anyone who still isn’t sure about the role of this tech for our industry, read this.

MIPIMOPOLY – A new breed of infographic

Not an awful lot needs to be said about this; just check out this brilliant graphic guide to MIPIM’s event in Cannes this year. (HD version available via link)

MIPIM Cannes is fast approaching, if you’re not going I think it’s definitely worth thinking about grabbing a last minute ticket.

I’ll be there and it’ll be sunny. What more motivation do you need?

What will urban life be like in 2030 and 2050?

A great 90-second video to send you off with, jam-packed full of stats, facts and projections about urban life in the future. Some of it is a bit scary, but enjoy!

Short ones

PropTech Events This Week:

1. Wed 28th – Launch of report: “Is the property sector ready for the 2020s?

2. Thu 1st – Outlook 2018: Europe and Italy investment briefing

3. Thu 1st to Sat 3rd – Cityscape Turkey

That’s all for now, folks…

Have a great Sunday.


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