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Sunday PropTech Review; 24th June 2018

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June 24, 2018

Wow. What a week. MIPIM PropTech was a frantic affair. For a first event, in a new venue, with a new format, I was pretty impressed by what they pulled out of the bag. A full on review can be found here should you want to hear more about it from the team at Propmodo (pleasure to spend some time together guys…)

Before I get started, During July and August, I will be opening up the Review to an opportunity to be guest edited (we did this last year and it was a great success) – there are now 4,000 who get this review each week so a nice audience to communicate to. Whilst this is a paid opportunity (I need to be transparent here but we are strict on format and that it has to remain educational), it is one that allows the editor to focus on an area of their choosing e.g. a particular subject matter or agenda they have. If you are interested in guest editing the review please message me

One thing I like to do in the review is promote those that perhaps wouldn’t get noticed – can any of you help Sam? He is a masters student at UCL doing a dissertation on “professional valuation guidance pertaining directly to the valuation of a serviced office as fully equipped operational entities.”

If you know others that could help, perhaps you could forward them this research link too.

On a slightly more corporate level of research:

Right, that is too much research for one day, lets get on with the review.

Tech Live: How to achieve customer closeness

If you were unable to make EG’s latest free to attend Tech Live event, fear not, here is the full two hours.

Jeff Finn CEO RealNex

What are the toolsets you think are needed in today’s competitive marketplace? Why are they so important and what solutions does RealNex provide?

Most Shared: Prudential, CBRE Join Startup MetaProp’s $40 Million Fund

Some of the biggest names in the traditional commercial-property world are participating in a $40 million venture capital fund aimed at bankrolling real estate technology startups.

MetaProp NYC is changing its tactics – rather than finding startups they’re excited about and then spreading the word amongst potential backers, those backers are now to become partners in the fund. Aaron Block says it’s a move which will help startups get their money faster.

“We go after the best entrepreneurs, solving the biggest problems, at the earliest stages of maturity,” Block, whose firm announced the second fund on Tuesday, said in an interview. “But this time, we can actually write the size check we need to, in order to really support those entrepreneurs.”

PropTech: The costs and benefits of a real estate revolution

This downloadable PDF report from ING offers a blurb of:

The real estate sector is not known for innovation. But new technologies like sensors and data analytics are bringing big change to the industry that could make it more transparent and efficient. This is good news for tenants, who stand to benefit from shorter leasing periods and lower fees. But it may be a different story for traditional real estate agents.

Funny how reports arriving from outside of the property industry tend to focus on such similar aspects of PropTech – good for tenants, iffy for agents. Despite that, this report does venture down some interesting roads like space as a service and spends a decent amount of time talking about the evolving customer journey.

Urban pressures arise in step with PropTech

The commercial sector is under discussion in this article from Canada which claims that “technology and affordability are at the centre of commercial real estate’s agenda”.

It’s essentially a rundown of what was spoken about during this particular leg of the RICS Conference Series where the ‘superhuman capabilities’ of AI and how the desperate need for improved transport networks keeps the physical infrastructure of many cities from perfect to its true potential.

Can Viewber become an essential part of the agent toolbox?

My contribution to Estate Agents Today this week was an article about Viewber, the property viewing outsourcing company, powered by the gig economy. I’ve got a lot of time for Viewber, and their non-executive director used to be my boss at Foxtons.

Pleased, also, that the concerns about their business model which I brought up were squarely and concisely addressed by a their CEO, Ed Mead, in the comments section.

PropTech Figure of the Week:

There are over 300,000 unused workspaces in London every single day of the working week…..

Influencer Quote of the Week:

We don’t want to be oppressed by tech all of the time. The real promise of technology is having all the benefits of being hyper-connected without feeling connected yourself.”

Rand Hindi, CEO of Snips and opening Keynote at MIPIM PropTech

UK proptech “isn’t that innovative” says leading consultant

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. You’ve done it again. It almost sounds like I am dealing with my son here but no, my business partner!

This time, Eddie Holmes has been quoted by The Negotiator as saying that UK PropTech “isn’t really innovative”.

“His comments came as he and his colleague James Dearsley from leading industry consultancy Proptech Consult rubbed shoulders at a global gathering of tech firms from the residential and commercial sectors in Paris organised by MIPIM…an exhausting three days of partying and networking.”

We do that a lot, Eddie and I, just stand there rubbing each other’s shoulders. As for three days of partying, where was my invite? Okay, there might have been one night…..

It’s a shame actually as the comments and quotes by Nigel Lewis here seem to have been taken completely out of context of the actual point of the research. As such this is a far better round up of the results that came out of the study we did with MIPIM. More to come on it soon.

In Brief:

PropTech Events Coming Up:

  • None – take a breather!

That’s all for now, folks…

Have a great Sunday.


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