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The Sunday PropTech Review; 23rd April 2017

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April 23, 2017

Well it has been a pretty exciting week and I now find myself at a conference in Italy – Sorrento to be exact. A lovely end to a crazy week.

It started by the announcement that I have decided to further my involvement in the PropTech sector. Whilst I have been prominent evangelist on the topic, I haven’t previously got directly involved.

As such, I have joined forces with Eddie Holmes, Chairman of the UK PropTech Association, to set up PropTech Consult. It is a strategic consultancy aiming to help people and companies in their Digital Transformation (PropTech is only one aspect of a far more comprehensive shift in this digital age). You can read more about this launch here

A couple of good ones this week. Conscious Cities is a hugely important focus as cities develop into living and breathing ecosystems. Therefore it was my delight to join Josh Artus in their first Podcast looking at this topic. Slightly more cerebral than my usual ones with Eddie and nice to be an interviewee for a change!

Then we have the Podcast with Eddie looking at the model built by BodyBuilder Sohail (sorry Sohail – I should clarify that he is in fact a Power Lifter!) at trying to make the conveyancing market far more transparent and easy for the consumer – ultimately looking at improving the delays. A great and insightful interview in here.

1. This week’s most shared article: The 2017 winners in Real Estate Tech I mentioned in a recent podcast about my frustration with wishy washy articles around PropTech. As the industry grows and media attention picks up, these sorts of articles are becoming common place. I do feel this is an example of one of these (being rather opinionated for a change) where it predicts general sectors that will grow in 2017

2. The case for Makespace, $30million in funding and why I think this an interesting area

My thanks to Antony Slumbers, Dan Hughes, Josh Artus and Proptech Miguel (some members of a Twitter Group I am a part of) who brought this article to my attention.

I am in Sorrento, Italy as I write this up having just presented to Britannia Movers at their annual conference and I referenced this article and other companies in this removals and storage space as an area to watch. Removals is an outdated model and this area, the personal storage and delivery for smaller items is something particularly interesting – especially to companies like Britannia. Watch this space.

3. Featured Article – Future PropTech 2017 – 25% discount to those who have not yet signed up

Simply the best and most comprehensive lineup of speakers, delegates, attending companies, senior directors and thought leaders under one roof (Gary’s words!).

Literally the “Who is who” of the European PropTech scene will be attending from large corporate’s and startups alike. Over 650+ delegates already confirmed.

One of the most common topics being discussed in boardrooms this year is ofcourse “Innovation & Digital Transformation in Real Estate ”. If this is a common issue being discussed by your clients, investors, peers & business partners then our agenda has been designed to help you understand this topic & to formulate a cohesive strategy. Can you really afford not to be there? Register now.

4. Article of the week – Would you live in a Co-Living Development?

The title of this article alone makes it a worthy inclusion here. We are all seeing the growth of Co-living and PRS developments but what are they actually like to live in?

Modern Utopia or Organised Hell? is a great look at this from the eyes of a millenial (personally I am not sure I would want to live in a co-living unit but always thought of myself as the wrong dynamic and therefore I didn’t want to judge).

It addresses some important issues (Big Brother anyone?) but also I still am not sure it suggests the right points in my view. For a certain type of person I think there is a huge reason that Co-Living would be important (thinking young and indeed old – isn’t co-living essentially a cooler form of a retirement village anyway?!) and hence I am still sitting on the fence here. I see both sides. Your thoughts? Come on, let me know. Would you live there? A good business model?

5. Should you Chatbot or not?

In many of the speeches I give, Chatbots are often part of them. Partly to cut the inefficiencies of the sector, partly due to the next generation i.e. Artificially Intelligent chatbots working with our existing data to learn and respond to new questionning. This is a really interesting article looking at their evolution from greetings tools to an essential must have for customer service. One reason for this? The statistic from Gartner that 30% of all our online communication will be with smart machines by 2018 apparently.

6. Crowdsourcing and the Googleization of everything

A great 20 minute video by Michael Mandel of Compstak talking about crowdsourcing. A little bit out of the box but it makes you think which is partly why I love it. Seriously, watch this and think outside the box.

7. PWC report into Innovation

A hefty piece of information to take in this Sunday morning and therefore well worth a print out and grabbing a coffee to digest.
PWC have put together a 32 page document on Innovation for the Earth and how we can harness technological breakthroughs for people and the planet – heavy title but it backs it up with some great insights

9. All my recommended PropTech reads of the week.

As always, I like to list all the articles I have been looking at and reading through this week so here is a complete list in case you want more. Hope you enjoy them…..

Have a great Sunday, I have to get on with some other work!

Chat soon.


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