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Sunday PropTech Review; 17th December 2017

POSTED BY   james
December 17, 2017

Here we are, the last review of the year. It’s a bit different to usual as I am writing it on my way home from our Christmas Party! I apologise in advance.

I started they year on less than 1,200 subscribers and end it just shy of 3,000. The interest in PropTech is obviously continuing to grow – if anyone is interested, open rates remain at near 40% and regularly there are click through rates of in the 70%’s so hopefully these e-mails are of interest.

Where do we go next year? God only knows. Based on the amount of 2018 reviews I am seeing at the moment however, many people feel that they do know what is about to happen!

However, this final review of the year isn’t going to be about the latest news but about a bit of history. I hope you enjoy the paired down edition and see you all in the New Year.

To get this started, I wanted to reference an interview I heard this week about the anniversary of the birth of Arthur C. Clarke.

Part One Above or click this link! – Arthur C. Clarke would have been 100 years old yesterday. The famous futurist and science fiction writer from the 60s. He died in 2008 but some (I could have said most but held back) of what he said back then, in a time where such technology was simply unfathomable, has been remarkably accurate.

A fascinating person, some incredible insight and a brilliant 20mins of video to watch (assuming you watch Part 1 and Part 2 – really, please do it – if nothing else for the enhanced class of monkeys that will serve us in the future (as I said, not everything came true!)

Part Two Below or click this link

Jeff Bezos Interview

I was sent this a while back and I couldn’t help but compare it to where we are today. So many founders of PropTech businesses are trying to make a mark on a sector that is ripe for disruption. Watching this interview is fascinating.

There is no doubt Bezos is sharp and intelligent but you can tell that Amazon had barely got started. It was scaling quickly but he was still niave, innocent, flying by the seat of his pants but, ultimately, determined.

If we all need one thing in 2018 it is that, determination that we can succeed in our beliefs. Watch this video.

Having shown a rather embarrassing – if fascinatingly insightful interview with Jeff Bezos, I felt I had to now show you one of Elon Musk too…….

Okay, okay, and not lets bring one in for Mark Zuckerburg too. It shows some interesting insights to his character in these early moments. However, what is clear from this video, and the others is the intelligence and determination they all share.

If nothing else, I also believe it shows that every one of these videos, and the many others you can find from Founders in their early days, that they are not perfect. They are obviously learning their trade and their product and road map is not yet clear. Everyone should take heart from that and strive to the next level.

Right…..on that note, I’m off for 2017. I need a PropTech refresh to get ready for the exciting times in 2018.

Please do have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


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