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Sunday PropTech Review 15th October 2017

POSTED BY   james
October 14, 2017

Wow…..what a week in New York. MIPIM PropTech was certainly something. IBREA (Global Blockchain Conference) was certainly something too. On top of that a UK PropTech Association Trade Delegation (reflections can be read here) with meetings including Zillow and WeWork

All in all a great week and lots to discuss and work through – why not join us at MIPIM UK this week to discuss it through – a 50% discount code can be found here and using MIPIMUKTECH – but only open till Sunday evening I am told so if you are reading this on a Monday it serves you right!) Would be great to talk it all through actually and we can always make recommendations on how we can implement PropTech into their other shows.

Well it was truly the week of the Podcast.

In MIPIM both Eddie and I were battling for the one quiet space in the venue – the coat closet – with Emily of Estates Gazette – with us even bribing the wonderful ladies running the closet to keep her out at one point!

Regardless, it has meant some amazing listening for you this week – I am only going to be able to list a few but do take the time to listen. You should subscribe to our Podcast on Soundcloud for all of them…….

Here is the first to get through – more due early next week so just subscribe. A 23 minute collection of interviews with Duke Long, Dan Hughes, Travis Barrington and Jonathan Hannam – some funny moments in here and very memorable quotes (especially the Duke Long one from Eddie which will live long in the memory…..)

With a slightly different spin on it all, Emily Wright has some great podcasts from the event including:

  1. WiredScore
  2. US Space as a service
  3. Magnus being microchipped
  4. Chief Digital Office of C&W

There are many others so just click here for all of the list




1. This week’s most shared article: 9 Proptech innovations transforming the property sector So, this is the most shared piece of the week but for most of us, it won’t be anything we don’t already know. It’s essentially a breakdown of some of the most influential names in PropTech, all of which we know well. However, what is quite interesting is to see which companies those from outside the world of property, like these guys, identify as most important.

2. Article of the Week: 8 tips for property firms investing in PropTech

This was actually the 2nd most shared article of the week – and a far better one than the one above. Property Firms are no doubt getting more and more interested in investing in PropTech firms – and I suspect it will become an even more active market place.

However, we have seen a few mistakes made and so Eddie, my business partner at PropTech Consult, has put together some great tips on what to avoid doing….. Some of it quite strong in nature…..”the moment you seek to assert rights over any material changes to the business, your well-advised investee will close the door on you. Don’t waste your time.

3.Target expands partnership with Google on voice shopping, Google Express

Target, the huge US discount retailer, has announced further plans to enable shoppers to use Google Express (Google’s version of same-day delivery services) to shop in their stores. Most interestingly, they hope that the partnership will mean that shoppers can do so via nothing more than voice commands. It’s all part of Google’s battle with Amazon, to get inside people’s homes and be their one-stop-voice-command-shop for everything from groceries to flights.

4. WiredScore and the US President’s Son in Law – a parting of ways

Many may not be aware that the (silent) co-founder of Wired Score is Jared Kushner, and many may definitely not be aware of the discussions between Mr. Kushner and Fifth Wall which apparently started back in April of this year. Anyway, a few months on and Mr. Kushner is apparently between $5 and $20 million better off having sold his initial stake in the business that is growing incredibly quickly. You may be interested in one of my blogs on the VTS site which looked at their rapid growth and my call to arms around Connectivity, Connectivity, Connectivity.

5. UK PropTech pioneers seeking growth opportunities and investment in America

It seems that the UK PropTech companies are now looking overseas to find extra interest and investment in their products and services. MIPIM, over in New York, attracted many UK PropTech players, including Russell Quirk, CEO of eMoov; James Davis, CEO of Upad; Kai Peeters, CEO of HiP Interactive Property; and Andrew Nicholls, CEO of EyeSpy360. Do we learn anything from this? I’d say, nothing that we shouldn’t already know. Property and PropTech are not boundaried by geography and, as such, it’s only sensible to shop your products all over the globe. The US has loads of money to invest, and the UK has some of the greatest PropTech entrepreneurs on the globe. It’s a perfect match.

6. Online agents are just so last year, says PropTech venture capitalist guru

According to the CEO of PiLabs, the London-based PropTech incubator, ‘online agents are a model from up to six years ago and start-ups are now unlikely to attract investment.’

On top of that, Eyal Malinger, investing on behalf of Beringea, said; ‘People building the companies in PropTech don’t have the experience or the domain knowledge. Young and passionate entrepreneurs are more suited to consumer solutions…’ This goes a little way to explaining why the most recent round of PiLabs cohorts had the most tenuous relationships with property to date.

7. Winners from mipim Proptech Summit & Global PropTech Awards Awards Just very quickly, here’s a breakdown of some of the big winners at MIPIM New York this week in the Global PropTech Awards. Some great companies in here and expect to hear more from me on the award winners next week.

8. PropTech: digitising and disrupting

It’s not often we get a PropTech report from a high street bank, but here we go. Shouldn’t be surprised though, banks are now looking for more and more ways to profit from the property industry away from mortgages. We are seeing a number of them try and up their knowledge, increase the speed of their education to try and get a slice of the pie before it’s all gone.

Right…….i’m off. I have a Christening to go to today so have to go and be on my best behaviour!

I’m talking at a bunch of conferences and gatherings around Europe; I hope to see some of you out there. Here’s a complete list of global events this Autumn.

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