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The magic blend of tech and tradition: Plentific announce partnership with Notting Hill Housing Association

POSTED BY   Will Darbyshire
July 5, 2017

Plentific is a home services PropTech company, providing a platform upon which users can manage all of their home improvement and maintenance tasks needs. They describe themselves as ‘the only place you can find, book and pay for a Pro while being protected by an insurance-backed guarantee’.


Cem Savas (Co-Founder at Plentific) and Andy Belton (COO and Deputy CEO at Notting Hill Housing)

This week, Plentific has announced a partnership with the Notting Hill Housing Association which will ‘see Plentific work alongside Notting Hill Housing to create a new property management solution and self-serve platform. This will aid maintenance and repair work initially for 2,000 temporary housing properties which are spread across the capital.’

The Plentific press release tells us more:

This integration with Plentific will create a streamlined approach for maintaining properties. Notting Hill managers and tenants will be able to utilise ‘Plentific Instant’, an on-demand service that lets customers instantly book trade professionals. This will simplify the home maintenance process while also cutting down on the number of phone calls between property managers and tenants.

The partnership was agreed after Plentific’s successful appearance at ‘Evolve’, the startup accelerator programme from HouseMark and L Marks. As only one of a select few start-up companies invited to the event, Plentific was given the unique opportunity to pitch its property management solution to a number of leading housing associations.

Arturo Dell, Director of Product Development at HouseMark, says:

“This is a fantastic result from our first innovation accelerator, Evolve. Partnerships like this one are what our transformation and innovation programmes are all about. The reason we’re bringing start-ups, commercial businesses and social landlords together is to open up the opportunities to deliver differently; accessing new ways of working and generating efficiencies. We’re proud to have provided the platform for this partnership and look forward to working with more organisations to deliver similar positive outcomes.”

Cem Savas, Co-Founder of Plentific, says:

“This new partnership offers us a fantastic opportunity to adapt our platform for Notting Hill Housing, enabling our new partner to digitalise their systems. It’s really exciting for us to be able to work alongside the housing association and help them improve efficiency. With several more ongoing conversations coming off the HouseMark event, we’re excited for what else this opportunity will bring.”

Andy Belton, Chief Operating Officer at Notting Hill Housing, says:

“When I saw Plentific’s presentation at the HouseMark event, I was very impressed and immediately thought we could use the platform and instant booking system for some areas of our business. Having done further work with Cem and his team, we can see the potential that Plentific offers to create a streamlined digital approach for maintaining properties that will save a great deal of valuable time and resources.”

Old and New:

I am delighted by this news; it is proof that, with the right kind of thinking, the old and new of property can blend beautifully to create a whole more powerful than the sum of its parts. If our industry can continue to demonstrate a willingness for open dialogue about potential collaboration, our future is very bright. If, however, tradition and technology remain somewhat suspicious of each other, the barriers to growth and success will be much harder to break through.

I applaud both Plentific and the Notting Hill Housing Association for taking this forward thinking approach to the future of property, and I hope we see more and more stories like this emerging over the coming months.

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