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The last Sunday PropTech Review

POSTED BY   james
July 9, 2017

Ok…….not quite the last but the last from me for a while. I will be away in sunny Calabria for a few weeks.

I have promised myself that it will be first time I will truly switch off and be with the family since I started my marketing business nearly five years ago (if you are a lover of tech outside the property indusry you should check out our blog– seriously impressive technology out there at the minute), and more recently my work setting up PropTech Consult which is fascinating

Anyway, a large part of switching off will be not curating this review each weekend and hence I decided to offer it out to be guest edited. We have at least 20 people wanting to take up the reigns and we selected four.

Here is the running order and theme for the next four weeks. I hope you like them.

16th July – A theme of growth in start ups and businesses around property. This will be edited by Mal Macallion, a high growth business specialist and founder of Growtion

23rd July – Looking at the lettings sector and how technology is impacting this. This will be edited by Curran McKay and Jude Greerco-founders of Reposit, a revoluionary firm looking at a tenancy deposit alternative.

30th July – An international theme this week with Wouter Truffino of Holland PropTech leading the charge. Should be an interesting perspective on the European landscape of PropTech

6th August – The final instalment of the Guest editing for now. This time a commercial flavour. Re-leased, a cloud based property management software will be pulling it all together with the words of their Global Head of Marketing Jamie McDermott

I hope this all works out and always keen on the feedback so please let me know your thoughts on how this all goes. See you in a few weeks.

1. This week’s most shared article: Are we doing enough to protect our core values? This article of mine was inspired by hearing about American realtors kicking back at the growth and disruption of Zillow. What Zillow are doing is not much different to what Zoopla are doing and could indeed do. So why aren’t the traditionalists questioning more? Why are they being so quiet?

2. Report: Commercial Drone Services Could Generate Billions of Dollars by 2025.

According to this report, commercial drone services will, in 2017, generate a revenue of $792 million. By 2025, it will be $12.6 billion. The report says that ‘advances in technology, economies of scale, cloud-based applications and the drive to disrupt…will contribute to commercial drone success in the coming years’. This is worth reading because, if the projections are true, commercial drone services will have very noticeable effects on property, affecting retail, warehouses, transport and logistics.

3. Article of the week – Purplebricks’ FY17 Annual Results: 5 Key Observations.

Mike Delprete is back, this time with an interesting slideshow analysing the results from Purplebrick’s FY17 Annual Results. He breaks it down into 5 key observations, each one of which deserves looking at in detail. From average cost per transaction, to marketing expense growth. This is vital information.

4. Self-Tinting Smart Windows Powered by the Sun.
Exciting innovation that holds great potential for smart buildings; self-tinting glass that reacts to sun. The technology has been there for a while, in eyeglasses, for example, but this technology is a step above. The article brilliantly explains how the team behind the glass have made it so that it reacts to every spectrum of sunlight.

5. Commercial Portal War Hots Up.

An article from Eddie Holmes and I, on what I think is going to be one of the most discussed (and argued) issues in PropTech. The whole country is familiar with the residential portal giants, but the commercial sector has, as of yet, not seen a dominant force come forward with a portal. It looks like that is all about to change, as well-known, established brands are now competing with challengers and startups to corner this sector of the industry. Who will prevail? We discuss.

6. Featured Article – Propy – Blockchain and ICOs in Real Estate.

This week I hosted the first London Meet up for the International Blockchain Real Estate Association and it was fascinating. Most of the discussion surrounded ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) and their application.

Propy, the Silicon Valley-based overseas-property based startup revealed their plans for a global cryptocurrency crowdsale to accelerate its two-year initiative to build a peer-to-peer real-estate exchange platform on the Ethereum network. The goal is to bring the $217 trillion world of overseas property transactions “into the 21st century”. With the $340bn market size of all cross-border real estate trading annually the addressable market of Propy is more than $3.5bn annually.

7. 8 Hottest Tech Trends………… in 1776.

I love this period and always discuss it when giving speeches about the global world of technology.

This is a really fascinating look at tech innovation in 1776 compared to that of today. If we think the work we’re doing is vital to the future of the world, it pales in comparison to what they were wrestling with back in the day… For further reading, this book by Ben Wilson called Heyday argues that the most innovative period in history was the 1850s. A brilliant read.

8. Fintech is Rebuilding Capital Markets, From AI to Crowdfunding Startups.

This article discusses the great effect that FinTech is having on stock markets. The author attempts to understand why and how FinTech will cross industry boundaries and bring benefits to every industry imaginable. Particularly interesting is the discussion around kickstarters and crowdfunders. FinTech is now a colossal force in business and we all need to be watching closely.

9. All my recommended PropTech reads of the week.

As always, I like to list all the articles I have been looking at and reading through this week so here is a complete list in case you want more. Hope you enjoy them…..

See you in August. James

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