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KEYagent boost Rightmove stats by 20% with photo enhancing and floor plans.

POSTED BY   Will Darbyshire
July 4, 2017

A press release from PropTech company KEYagent announces their photo enhancing and floor plan app can boost an agent’s Rightmove stats by 20%.


It used to be that, if you wanted to take advantage of a property listings portal, all you had to do is make sure all of your properties were uploaded with accurate information. But brand representation on Rightmove and Zoopla has become universal; homebuyers/renters can now scroll through hundreds of pages of properties from every firm under the sun.

And so, with dilution, comes the need to stand out from the crowd. No longer can one simply list, one must do so in such a way that their properties are more attractive and click-worthy than the thousands of others.

Technology has given rise to various companies who aim to help agents do exactly this. One such company is KEYagent. Their new photo enhancing and floor plan app, PropertyBOX, has helped Manchester based Thornley Groves Estate Agents to boost it’s Rightmove stats by 20%.

No longer can one simply list, properties must be more attractive and click-worthy than the thousands of others.Click To Tweet

Here are the key highlights of the partnership:

  • 9-branch estate agent Thornley Groves rolls out PropTech strategy to 100% of its properties
  • Thornley Groves has seen a 15-20% rise in average detailed views per property per day on Rightmove
  • The number of revisits for photos is at an all-time low

KEYagent press release tells us all about it:

Manchester-based estate agency Thornley Groves is citing technological advances as a key influencer on its growth and success over recent years.

Established in 1991 from a single estate agency branch in Altrincham, Thornley Groves now has 9 offices and employs over 120 staff.

Annually, it sells 1,000 properties, lets over 2,000 properties and manages in excess of 3,000 houses and apartments across North, South and Central Manchester.

In 2016, the team implemented a number of PropTech solutions including lead generation tool ValPal and PropertyBOX, the floor plan and photo enhancing app from KeyAGENT. That year, they broke their record and sold over 1,000 properties, from studios to mansions.  

Matt Smith, Residential Sales and Lettings Director at Thornley Groves, says:

“As well as the £1,000,000+ houses in Cheshire, we’ve got plenty of two-bed apartments in the city centre, which deserve to be advertised with the same level of quality.

It makes sense; if something’s more attractive, you’re more likely to click. We run 100% of our properties, from all 9 branches, through PropertyBOX.

As a result, our Negotiators can include consistently beautiful photos and floor plans as a key USP during the valuation process.

We want to provide the best possible service, full stop. We make it a priority to test the latest PropTech to make our vendors’ experience better, and it’s paid off.”


Bespoke is Beautiful

Beautifying the search process is far more than mere vanity; it’s an age-old selling technique. The rush of technology into the property industry has, for a short while, prioritised accessibility over beauty. But now that the former has been mastered, the vitality of the latter is being reintroduced.

About KeyAGENT

  •         KeyAGENT is a multi-award winning property marketing supplier to thousands of estate agent branches across the UK.
  •         It specialises in professional photography and floor plans, and is also leading the way in Virtual Reality and PropTech for the property market.
  •         It has recently launched PropertyBOX, the world’s first floor plan and photo editing app for the property industry, to help in its mission to have a positive impact on every property in the UK during the sales cycle.
  •         Based in London, and with photographers servicing England, Wales and Scotland, KeyAGENT produces over 2.5m photos every year.
  •         The KeyAGENT team works alongside 760 photographers in England, Wales and Scotland to service over 100,000 properties every year.

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