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Infographic; Is there a future for Virtual Reality Marketing?

POSTED BY   james
July 16, 2015

Virtual reality marketing

I am often asked about the future of marketing and, in particular recently, whether there is a future in “Virtual Reality Marketing”. I remember so clearly the day I heard, while laying in bed listening to the morning news (just in those moments before the kids came rampaging in to destroy the peace and tranquility!) and hearing that Facebook had just purchased Oculus.

Therefore, beneath this introductory text is an infographic asking the question – is there a future for Virtual Reality Marketing? 

The fact that I am running a marketing company (The Digital Marketing Bureau) and also writing about the future of marketing on this blog, meant that my two worlds had just collided. Admittedly I didn’t understand it at first and thought it a peculiar purchase, especially for $2billion and immediately alienating the very community that had been built around Oculus since its inception.

However, it soon became clear that this was actually a very astute decision. With Facebook haemoraging its youth audience and looking to its future, I realised that it was no longer looking to be a social network but more like a content hub. My prediction is that it will become a reciprocal for all immersive gaming and film experiences in the future. Suddenly you can see what is going to draw back their audience. Suddenly you can see revenue streams returning which aren’t dependent on advertising. It is no surprise that within one month of the purchase, Facebook exec’s went to Hollywood to speak to the top producers about filming immersive experiences…..need I go on?

Then you have Google, who months after Facebook’s acquisition, rather light-heartedly came out with “Cardboard” at its I/O conference. With a command to think “Immersion First” the Google Ecosystem has since expanded its immersive options – look at YouTube allowing 360 videos (more info here), Google partnering with GoPro (more info here) and many other exciting things.

Anyway, I am going to stop there as this is about the infographic, not the words. See what you think:

Is there a future for virtual reality marketing?

Is there a future for virtual reality marketing?

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