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The Future of Smart Homes

POSTED BY   Michele Baker
June 14, 2016



Technology is advancing at a rate that is seemingly beyond comprehension. Not only will these advancements be seen through our phones and computers, but also through the emergence of smart homes. The Internet of Things is already creeping into our homes and changing the way we live. You can already adjust your thermostat or control your boiler from an app on you phone. But this is just the beginning. The future offers something far more exciting.

In this guest post from Innovate UK, we explore some of the technological developments that we’re likely to see in our homes over the next few years.

Smart Homes

So, what is the potential for the integration of technology in the home?

Intuitive Technology in Smart Homes

Our homes will become increasingly intuitive. They will know our routines, know about how we live our lives, and complement this wherever possible. Our bedrooms will wake us up at the right time to allow us enough time to travel to work, taking into consideration the latest traffic reports and public transport delays.

Our wardrobes will cross-reference the weather forecasts with our clothing options, and select the most appropriate outfit available. If specific food in our fridge is soon to expire, then it will recommend recipes to avoid wastage, and even place an order if desired.

Dinner Parties of the Future

Even the way we host friends for dinner parties will be advanced by technology. Build a guest list for your friends, get live updates of who has confirmed and who has cancelled. Your hob will then make recommendations regarding portion sizes, based on how many people are expected to attend. Then, it will talk you step-by-step through a recipe, to ensure you never make a mistake!

Information Overdose?

How will people deal with technology managing their lives in this way? It can be a bit overwhelming, but as technology evolves, so will information protection. This technology won’t just suddenly appear in our homes; it will be slowly integrated into our daily lives. The advantages of this lifestyle will far outweigh any negative initial perceptions.

Health Benefits

By 2036, our homes will be monitoring our vital signs on a daily basis. Should anything appear amiss, the information will be directly transferred to your personal GP. Doctor appointments will be easier to obtain, as most routine consultations will be carried out via video calls. Your doctor will appear on your wall or mirror to discuss your ailments and to offer advice. Our homes will improve our memory and general wellbeing by prompting us regularly, to ensure we take care of ourselves. This gives the vulnerable and elderly more independence, while taking pressure off family and carers.


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