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Matterport Launch Core VR

POSTED BY   james
October 7, 2016

Before I get to the discussion around Matterport and CoreVR, there has been a lot of VR news this week given it was the Oculus Connect conference in the US. In fact, some of the announcements made will directly impact the Real Estate space.

In my view Oculus is lagging a little way behind the Vive as a headset but the developments here seem to be bringing it alongside (I wonder how Vive will respond).

Watch Oculus discuss their advancements below – pay particular attention to their room scale VR which will allow you to physically move around in an environment – now think remote viewings.

Pretty cool stuff – I also love the avatar side of things as well (Ready Player One is beginning to all come true……), leading VR company, Matterport, have launched their new feature technology, Core VR. It allows VR content creators to add VR support to any Matterport VR space, in an easy end-to-end system which promises to be the biggest, quickest and least expensive platforms available.

Core VR has been launched initially on the Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR devices, though it’s anticipated that it’ll come to other hardware before long. The Matterport VR app holds an example library of 150 real-world places for users to visit in VR, and others are available via the 3D Showcase section.


Core VR For All!


In a particularly generous gesture, Matterport will be enabling the Core VR option to over a quarter of a million existing Matterport 3D spaces for free. And moreover, for any 3D spaces created in 2016, the Core VR option will be enabled for free.

These giveaways equate to a staggering $5m (US) worth of VR content delivered into the emerging VR ecosystem. It also represents a massive contribution to the amount of VR content generally available to the world.

Even once 2017 comes around, Matterport will be continuing to allow content publishers to pay just $19 for each new 3D space uploaded to the CoreVR platform.

CEO of Matterport, Bill Brown, recognises that “VR needs content to grow” and states that “We believe in the power of VR to help us achieve our vision of giving people the power to experience any place at any time”.

Matterport’s system is already used by thousands of camera operators over 75 countries. The industries that are benefiting most so far are the commercial and residential property sectors (of course), as well as apartment rentals, holiday rentals, hotels, architecture and construction firms, and business listings.



With VR projected to generate $4.6bn in revenue in 2017, and the industry set to be worth $35bn by 2025, Matterport’s contribution to the space marks a significant milestone. Particularly in the PropTech sphere, opening the doors (as it were) to potentially hundreds of thousands of locations across the world will have a dramatic impact on the progression of VR adoption beyond the leisure and gaming space, into industries where it promises to be a real game changer.


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