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Automation Platform Scales Content for Real Estate Portals

POSTED BY   Will Darbyshire
June 13, 2017

Everyone who conducts business effectively online knows, by now, how important inbound marketing is for online lead generation. Because steady growth in the past few years has kept realtors busy, however, the real estate industry has been slower to adopt inbound marketing techniques – like content marketing – than other industries. 

That hasn’t, however, stopped clients from searching for properties and information about real estate online in droves. In 2016, 80% of home buyers looked for property online. For first-time home buyers, the internet is even more important. The first step in the buying process, for 33% of first-time buyers, is to research real estate online.

Whether the industry is ready for it or not, inbound marketing is playing a bigger and bigger role in real estate lead generation. For large portals, like Australia’s Alexa and Domain, the trend poses a unique challenge: how can portals ensure the quality of user-generated content, like listings and profiles, for tens of thousands of agents and property managers?

The answer lies in new proptech innovation. A platform that automates content generation for real estate listings and profiles can ensure quality content site wide. It can also populate tens of thousands of profiles with well-written, search-engine-optimised (SEO) narratives almost instantaneously. Automation makes inbound scalable!

Good Content For Real Estate Isn’t Optional Anymore

If you’re familiar with the Google Search algorithm, you know that it’s one of Google’s most carefully guarded secrets. What isn’t a secret, however, is its intent: to deliver high-quality, relevant answers to people who have questions. To optimise real estate content for online search, then, good content is essential.

‘Good content’ means writing that is grammatically and factually correct, formatted for readability on mobile, unique, interesting, and peppered with custom SEO keywords. Most importantly, good real estate content provides definitive answers to questions – for example, the question ‘can this agent help me?’

Real Estate Portals Struggle to Scale Inbound

Thousands of realtors now use online portals to find real estate leads. Unfortunately, because so many realtors use the site, it’s impossible – or, at least, impractical – for portals to control the quality of user-generated content like listings and profiles.

Right now, a high volume of users doesn’t equal an equivalent volume of high-quality content. Instead, it equals a large volume of, for the most part, poorly written profiles that don’t contain essential keywords. This makes promoting individual agents through inbound marketing a challenge for portals.

‘Incomplete, lacklustre agent profiles are really a blight on portal and agency sites,’ says Rod Smith, CEO of Realtor Profiler. Realtor Profiler is the first rapid content generation service exclusively for real estate profiles.

If every agent had a well-written, SEO profile, it would drive traffic from Google searches for popular keywords like ‘real estate agent specialising in land outside Sydney’ and ‘property manager for rental home’ to online portals. This would, in particular, help portals penetrate niche markets still dominated by specialised agencies.

How Automated Real Estate Profiles Help

For portals looking to carry out a site wide content overhaul, automation is the only workable solution. Automation can easily turn simple user surveys into compelling and unique narratives that detail the realtor’s experience, expertise, and community values. Platforms like Realtor Profiler even evaluate the realtor’s personality and use that information to mimic the realtor’s voice.

‘Probably the biggest attraction is that we save our partners lots of time and money by quickly transforming their less-than-optimal agent profiles,’ says Rod. ‘We have the capacity to serve 1,000 agents per day and hope to be hitting those numbers soon with a few large partners rolling out.’

Large portals obviously benefit from better content on their sites, but agents and property managers benefit too. Realtors are engaging people to talk to in person. As potential clients turn to the internet for guidance, it’s increasingly important that realtors’ online profiles reflect this.

The most difficult jobs to replace with automation are those that provide clients with advice and guidance, particularly in a niche. A profile that highlights individual expertise, then, can protect realtors from the bigger changes that proptech automation will have on the real estate industry in the coming decades.


Hannah Fillmore-Patrick is the Content Director at Realtor Profiler. Realtor Profiler is the world’s first rapid content generation service for real estate profiles. Realtor Profiler makes it possible for real estate professionals, agencies, and portals to transform their online presence in minutes.

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