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Augmented Reality for Marketing Conference, Dublin, April 2014

POSTED BY   james
April 18, 2014

I was fortunate enough to be asked to talk at the inaugural AR for Marketing conference in Dublin. Despite it being the first time this had been run, the fact it was focussed on Marketeers rather than AR people really ramped up the application of Augmented Reality and thus had a fantastic turn out including representatives from some of the top Irish and global brands.

It showed, while giving my speech, that when asked the question on who had never used AR before in their marketing, that the majority were new to the topic and were interested in learning more. I would say at least 75% of the attendees were looking at using AR but had not done so before.

Alex Gibson, the organiser had included some fantastic speakers including the following:

Brian Mullins; founder and CEO of Daqri

Jeff Coghlan; founder of Matmi

Jess Butcher; Co-founder and CMO of Blippar

Dave Lorenzini; Augmented Reality Visionary and founder of

Andrew Jenkinson; Co-founder and Director at V-stream

For a full list of speakers go here

I gave a speech about “Augmenting Augmented Reality” which ironically was a look back at where Augmented Reality has come from. It was a warning to those present that we had to remember where we had come from, bring our audience along with us to ensure we can make sure that we are able to reach the heady heights of where this technology will take us.

Given I was in a room of marketeers I wanted to make sure we didn’t just talk about the latest applications and case studies but wanted to take it back a step or two. I was glad I did this – partly because the other speakers gave some amazing applications for the use of Augmented Reality and overall, it was an amazing conference.

It was also interesting from a Property Technology perspective given the applications I witnessed there. I will talk about these more in the coming weeks and months.

Some pictures of the Augmented Reality conference are below:

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