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Sunday PropTech Review; 18th February 2018

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February 18, 2018

The Sunday PropTech Review: 18th February, 2018

Really good week this week and interesting to see and hear of the success at the recent PropTeq event here in London. It is a completely different format to the usual conferences, all around round tables rather than speeches, keeping all delegates on their toes but providing a great platform to learn from.

Read a review of the PropTeq event here from Menno, one of our friends from Holland.

Before I jump into the car and become the “Daddy Taxi” for the day I wanted to share with you a number of my favourite articles of the week. One that didn’t make the cut for longer descriptions is this article about whether apps are killing the restaurant sector – a little outside of the remit of PropTech but one of interest when you are looking at business model transformation. Really worth a read in my view, if you get 5mins.

Have a great Sunday everyone.

The Tech behind Lettings and a little bit on voice search…..

Last year I screwed up when recording a podcast with Vik and Adam from Tech Blue – I didn’t check the microphone levels. They gladly came back – the bits on Alexa (including a live demo) are well worth the listen

Bruised knees, artificial intelligence and a Valentine’s request

Samantha McClary and Emily Wright talk to Laura Acklandiene and Bronny Wilson of building services platform Equiem about their ambitious global expansion plans and the roll out of their platform. They also touch on issues including the power of women in tech.

David Lotterer VP – JLL, Industrial & Commercial Real Estate Broker, Supply Chain Specialist

What are the basics of industrial real estate? Do you know what a supply chain specialist actual skill set is? How about aviation properties? How can we talk about industrial real estate and logistics and not mention Amazon?

Construction Technology Part 2 – Matt Gough from Mace Group

Matt represents a £2bn international consultancy and construction company. Here, he talks about a 25% skills leakage over the next 10 years and a Government drive towards improving productivity, including the ‘manufacturing of construction’

Most Shared: PropTech Startups Demonstrate That Real Estate in 2018 Will Not Be Business as Usual

This is a brilliant look inside the recent MetaProp accelerator demo day at Columbia University, hosted by real estate mammoth, Blackstone.

This piece offers a breakdown of all of the startups who showcased their products at the event, including smartphones as house keys, AI for retail, retirement housing, and Airbnb for parking spaces.

A fascinating look at what the future of PropTech will look like.

LimeBike Adds $70 Million To Bring Its Rental Bikes Right To Your Apartment Door

LimeBike, the pick-up-and-ride bike rental company, has now raised a grand total of $132 million, little more than a year after their launch.

For us though, this is interesting because this most recent $70 million has come from Fifth Wall Ventures. a venture fund backed by some of America’s largest property players, including CBRE, Host Hotels and Lowe’s.

This new-found property interest has shifted the company’s focus to look at opportunities to partner with the property landlords and developers.

It’s a great example of how PropTech is more than just bricks and mortar, and how we have a responsibility to think about the bigger picture. It is just interesting to see Fifth Wall get involved in something like this……

PropTech Figure of the Week:

As of Jan 2018, we have classified 1,613 real estate technology startups into 12 categories with raised $46 billion in funding

Influencer Quote of the Week:

If you aren’t present, your brand is literally silent. Brett Kinsella of in his belief that Voice Search is the future

Real Estate Technology Sector Overview – Q4 2017

A full and frank analysis of PropTech’s performance towards the end of last year. I now tend to use Venture Scanner more than CB Insights as they seem to have a far wider scope of companies in their analysis.

We all know 2017 was a bumper year for growth and investment, and this piece tells us exactly how and why the year was so huge. Perhaps more interestingly, it also offers some insight in PropTech’s future fortunes. Which areas will grown, which areas will slow.

For the most part, it’s great news, and this report is jam packed with revealing graphs and stats, including the fact that Commercial Search Is the best funded PropTech category.

What is Blockchain?

From Oleg Andreev, software designer and crypto-anarchy historian, this is an incredibly concise, and therefore accessible, description of exactly what Blockchain is, what it isn’t, and what is actually does.

Learn what a time stamp is, why they’re so expensive, understand the excitement around this innovation, and gain some insight into its future scalability.

Varde Partners take stake in PropTech startup funder, Pi Labs

London’s PropTech scene is on fire, garnering more and more global attention. Further proof of this now comes from Varde, the £9.4bn US investment firm, taking a stake in PiLabs.

This is really great news for London and the UK as a whole; big US companies tend to have an awful of cash to throw around. Having spent the last decade focusing on their domestic market, it seems they’re starting to look further afield.

Alibaba invests another $1.3 billion into its offline retail strategy

Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce retail giant, recording a revenue of $23.82 billion in 2017.

This article reports that the company “has furthered its physical retail footprint after it invested another billion dollars into projects to develop its so-called “new retail” strategy which combines online and offline.”

They have done so by taking a 15% stake in Beijing Easyhome Furnishing, a deal worth a reported $867 million. The deal marks another step forward for Alibaba who are scaling their business on a philosophy that the future of retail will be a hybrid of the digital and physical.

Alibaba has also pumped another $486 million into a ‘big data retail firm’.

This is a fascinating move and one which could prove incredibly influential. Amazon has already started offering real-world supermarkets with a techie twist. I wonder how long until they step that up like Alibaba has done.

Brand new PropTech and property news website, PlaceTech, launches

PlaceTech is a website for the property community and the PropTech community to come together to analyse, discuss, and report on all of the industry’s goings-on.

“PlaceTech will cover the full breadth of built environment disciplines that go into making places, architecture and design, construction, engineering, surveying, agency, investment, management, planning, policy, transport and more in between”.

Short ones

PropTech Events This Week:

1. Thu 22nd: Breakfast Briefing: Sustainability and Green Buildings

2. Thu 22nd: The Build To Rent Forum

3. Thu 22nd: Projects Conference NYC

That’s all for now, folks…Daddy Taxi about to get going……a long day ahead but a good one no doubt.

Have a great Sunday.


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